Sunday, May 9, 2010

Be Very Careful - Perfumes Outside Mall

Be Very Careful - Perfumes Outside Mall

Please spread this to as many people as you can, help save lives of others.

Read Carefully

People In Bangalore Shopping Malls and Crowded Streets (like: MG ROAD, FORUM MALL, GARUDA MALL, JAYNAGAR, INDRANAGAR etc...) might approach you to buy a perfume if you refuse they may still insist you try the sample smell.

The smell has a killing gas, which will eventually kill you. Reported by the Karnataka government and BANGALORE police 3 people have already died and 35 are still in hospital. Please pass this message around to everyone you know, or may know via e-mail.
They spoke about it live yesterday.

Beware: do not, I repeat, do not smell any perfumes from any random people outside, unless they are from authorized agents in proper perfume stores.

Not in Bangalore it may happen @ any place..even @ ur place, so kindly be aware.

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